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Wherever appropriate, publications shall be made jointly, and all publications arising from the scientific research programs shall give due credit to all Partnerinvolved, unless requested to the contrary by a Partnerwith regard to itself.

Effective Date and will continue in effect until the termination or completion of the Project, that is until the Final Report is approved by KWF Kankerbestrijding and confirmed in writing to the Project Leader and Lead Institute.

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BINDING EFFECT This Agreement shall be binding upon, and inure to the benefit of, the member districts hereto and their successors and assigns. The lead proposing organization usually drafts the TA and requests that UNH agree to it.

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The budget shall include all anticipated revenues and expenditures for instruction, instructional supervision, and operation and maintenance. The host member district agrees to allow vehicles from member districts to cross its boundaries for purposes of providing such transportation.

Consortium agreement, read in conjunction with the relevant conditions of the Contract shall, however, not be limited in any way so as to restrict or limit the liabilities of any of the Partners of the Consortium agreement.

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    Having allowed bidders to form a consortium, will the seller allow any of those bidders to then syndicate its equity commitment to third parties?

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