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Metadata is a collection of keys and values relating to a particular target. To view external documentation, you need to configure the documentation URL first. Everyone deserves to celebrate important milestones and achievements, right? GN does not run the preprocessor so will not understand conditional includes. Are you sure that you want to delete this post? Defines a configuration object.

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Absolute path to the root of the output directory tree for the current toolchain. These dependencies will be resolved before any target in the toolchain is compiled. Other flavors might work as well, but were not tested.

Have you ever blanked on a name of someone YOU TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE REMEMBERED? Executes python script after the JSON file is generated or updated with new content. Find out what Matt from Studio C is lying about!

Each record consists of key columns corresponding to the symbols dimension. Metadata is information attached to targets throughout the dependency tree. Size Business Solution is built for you, saving you precious time across the board.

Shortcuts for more specific areas are mentioned in their corresponding section. In each target walked, its metadata scope is checked for the presence of these keys. If the difference between two values exceeds Eps, a difference will be reported. This assigned a name to the task with an output referencing the task created. Also possible is to make a text selection and then type a bracket or quote character.

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